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by Brian on January 21, 2010

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Commenting on other people’s blogs is not only a great way to get backlinks, but a great way to get their followers to come to your site as well.

Even though this sounds easy, most people screw it up.

There are two aspects to commenting.

  1. When you comment on a post it should be a comment that adds value to the post. If your comment adds no value it will be overlooked.If you leave a “Great Post” or “Good Job”… as a comment… The comment is certainly going to flatter the author, but it’s not going to give the author’s followers any reason to visit your site.Let’s say the author has a “How to Make Money Blogging” post that gives a couple of tips and examples. When you go to comment on that blog post, you should add something that will help readers relate to you as a person of authority on the subject.Average Comment: “Great post, I’m going to start doing that right away.”Authoritative Comment: “Great post… I have something to add… In my experience I find promoting affiliates who specialize in making money on the Internet through Google AdSense will get a “Google Slap” if you are channeling your ads to a squeeze page…

    What I did was make my homepage a landing page for my free eBook (which has affiliate links in it). My homepage also links to every other page in my website, which is valuable content. When people come to my homepage or almost any other page, the only options they have are to get my free eBook or contact me… Check out my link to see what I’m talking about.”

  2. Writing a quality comment is your top priority… directly behind that is trying to get a comment within the top 10 comments.The reason this is important is people don’t have great attention spans and will go from reading to skimming the rest of the content. There’s not much more to it than that.

Some rules to follow with your comments:

  • Don’t make your comment too long. A rule of thumb is, if your comment is longer than the blog post you’re doing wrong.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar, this will help you to be viewed as an authority figure. Think about any person of authority you know… how would you feel if they did not use proper grammar and spelling if they were leaving a comment on a post?
  • Bad publicity is better than no publicity. I’m not recommending starting a fight with any commenter… but if they are being a jackhole or say something you don’t agree with… don’t be afraid to disagree. People in general like drama.
  • DON’T NAME CALL unless you are calling someone a “liar” or a “thief.” We have no tolerance for either. (If you do call someone a “liar” or a “thief” you have to be certain or you will come off looking VERY bad.)
  • Don’t start a fight with the blog owner or you’ll get banned, which defeats the entire purpose of leaving a comment.
  • If someone replies to your comment, engage them with quality dialogue.

Good comments can lead to a lot more down the road such as being a guest blogger, collaborations on eBooks, invitations to speaking engagements, book deals and so on.

We try to comment as often as possible on quality blogs; how often do you comment?

P.S. Get ready to have your socks knocked off tomorrow… If you’re not doing what we are going to cover tomorrow, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

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