How I Learned About Authority from a Guy at the Bar…

by Brian on January 25, 2010

“You can say or do anything if you do it with enough authority.” – Some guy named Rick (I think)…


Back in 2004 I was living in San Diego by the beach. I was working by day as a Loan Officer, but at night I was a bouncer at a popular bar in Pacific Beach, CA.

One of my first nights working at that bar, a guy came in with a couple of his buddies. By the way he was acting, you would have thought he owned the place. It wasn’t like he was being a jackhole… it was in the way he carried himself. I didn’t know if he was the owner or not because I hadn’t met the owner yet.

As the night went on, it got busier and busier… This guy and his buddies got a lot of attention. I asked one of the other bouncers, “Is that the owner of this place?” He told me he didn’t have a clue who the guy was, but maybe he was a movie or reality star or something.

Later that night the guy walked by me and I stopped him, introduced myself and asked him something to the effect of, “Who are you?” He told me he was just a regular guy… So my obvious next question was, “How do you get so much attention?”

He told me it’s all about how other people perceive you… “If they think you’re weak, they are going to treat you like you’re weak. If they think you are a person of authority, they will treat you like a person of authority… You can say or do anything if you do it with enough authority.”

This wasn’t the first bar I had been a bouncer at… I was used to getting up in drunk idiots’ faces and not backing down (as a person of authority). But this one statement some random guy made resonated with me… Not with just the bar scene and as a bouncer, but with everything in life.

Let’s fast forward to 2007… My buddy Jeremy turned me on to one of the most influential bloggers of my Internet life. An amazing blogger named Brian Clark with two sites, CopyBlogger and LateralAction. If you haven’t subscribed to CopyBlogger’s  or LateralAction’s RSS, you are doing yourself a great injustice.

Towards the end of 2007, Brian Clark along with Tony Clark (no relation) came out with a program called Teaching Sells… I was a charter member of that program and boy I was an idiot for not staying a member. It’s currently closed and has been for some time. Their program is amazing; if you ever have the opportunity to join their community, do it.  As soon as it opens back up, I’ll be one of the first to be signing back up.

Brian Clark later came out with his free report Authority Rules… There’s no reason not to download it and read it.

What Brian teaches in all of his websites is the “Teaching Sells” philosophy. In a nutshell, if you teach a person something that person will look at you as an authoritative figure.

Being a person of authority commands great respect. One of the most respected titles in any language is Teacher.

  • You may hear “Teacher” or “Professor” in English, “Professeur” in French, “Muinteoir” in Gaelic, “Sensei” in Japanese, “Guru” in Hindi and so on and so on.

Being a teacher/ authoritative figure comes into play with the content you write on your sites or if you’re leaving comments on blogs, forums or anything else.

Quality authoritative content will not only help establish you as respected authority figure, it will help you keep followers coming back for more. Throughout this week, we are going to look at different ways you can establish authority.

What are you an authority in?

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