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by Brian on January 29, 2010

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It’s estimated that in 2009 there were over 8 billion tweets sent… It’s estimated that in 2010 there will be over 20 billion tweets sent.

Text messaging is huge. You see everyone from teenyboppers to geriatrics texting on their cell phones. While texting is great for mini conversations, and text messages do get forwarded… They are nothing compared to the power of Twitter.

Twitter has turned into one of the leading ways of communication, not only socially, but for breaking news and current events. Not to mention making money from advertisers…

If you’re looking for a legitimate advertiser to pay you money for your tweets, Ad.ly is the way to go… It doesn’t cost a dime to sign up with them, they let you set the price for your tweets and they help connect you to advertisers.

You basically have two types of Twitter followers: Active followers and Inactive followers. The most successful Twitter followers are the Active followers… they are the ones that RT (Retweet) everything.

Like the old saying goes, “It takes one to know one.” Get involved with your active followers. If you see a good tweet, don’t be afraid to RT it.

How do you Retweet?

I had someone ask me how to Retweet. Although some may say if a person asks such a question they shouldn’t be Tweeting… but, Twitter is brand new in the scheme of social networks and is taking them by storm… There was a time when you had to ask how to Retweet too.

Retweeting is important for a few reasons.

  • It gets a good message out for more people to see
  • It keeps you involved, which shows your followers you’re more than a “follower collector”

If I were to Retweet one of my own Tweets from our other website, it would look something like this (the bold part is what you add to the original Tweet):

  • Yum… RT @ExploringUY New Blog Post: Recipe of the Week: Brian’s Original Chinese Orange Chicken http://bit.ly/9FkX2S

MLM eBusiness RT EUY Screenshot

If there’s space, you can also add a short note to the Tweet, adding some personal flair. It could be as simple as adding something like, “Cool” or “Great Idea.” It shows your followers that you put thought into the RT.

There is also built in Retweet function on Twitter. We do use it, but it doesn’t allow you to add a note of your own or make sure the full tweet will be Retweeted.

Exploring Uruguay Twit Screen

If you see a Tweet you like, just hold your cursor over it and in the bottom right hand corner of that Tweet, you’ll see “Retweet” pop up. The question, “Retweet to your followers?” will pop up. Just hit “Yes” and your Retweet gets sent.

You want other people to RT your comments. A great way to get them to do it is to ask by adding “Don’t Forget to RT” on the end of your Tweet.

One thing to remember when you are sending a tweet is to make sure not it’s so long that when it gets Retweeted the link in your message doesn’t go through.

Twitter only allows 140 characters… If your name is 12 characters long, you need to leave 16 characters of room for someone to “RT @YourTwitname.” So in this instance, you would want to try to keep your message below 124 characters.

We Tweet all of the time. If you’re not following us on twitter… do it now.

We are curious…
How often do you Tweet?
How often do you click on other people’s Tweets?

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