Are You Pro or Anti-Abortion?

by Brian on February 3, 2010

Controversy… Sex, Drama and the Question Headline…

Cigarette Package UY

Cigarettes aren’t really that bad, are they?

Who is the REAL God… God, Allah, Buddha, Jah?

Guess who died?

Was Abraham Lincoln the best or worst President of the United States for signing the Emancipation Proclamation?

Do you want to know whom she had sex with?

Is it true that Football is better than Baseball?

Can you believe he cheated with her?

Which political party is the best?

Can you guess who’s the baby’s daddy?

Do you want to know why the sex is so good?
We (as a human species) are captivated by controversy, sex and drama. In addition, it’s second nature for us to answer a question when asked… even if it’s an internal answer.

The point of writing anything is to make it compelling enough for someone to want to continue to read it…

The first step to getting someone to read your blog post is to get them to “click” on the headline. If your headline sucks, people aren’t going to read your blog post.

One of the easiest types of headlines to write is a Question Headline. In short, a headline that asks the reader a question.  It can be open ended or closed ended question… it doesn’t matter.

Open-ended questions require more than a “Yes” or “No” answer:

  • “What do you want for lunch?”

Closed-ended questions only require a “Yes” or “No” answer:

  • “Would you like pizza for lunch?”

Throwing controversy, sex, drama or a little of all three into the headline will make people want to click on it more…

  • “Would you like SEX for lunch?”
  • “Want to know how eating a baby cow for lunch made my day?”
  • “Have you ever been given really bad news over lunch?”
  • “Did you know having sex with a baby cow over lunch is bad news?”

Yeah, that last one is a little ridiculous… BUT, it got your attention. If that headline popped up in your Reader, you would probably click on it just out of curiosity. And that’s the point.

Newsstand magazines are notorious for using crazy, controversial, sexy, dramatic Question Headlines. They make you want to get the answer to “that” question, creating an impulse buy… You want to create an “Impulse Click.”

I’m sure you’ve done “Impulse Clicking” just as I have in the past. You read a headline and you “have” to click on it. It probably happens more often than you realize. Think of some of the Question Headlines in the past that have made you Impulse Click.

Be careful though… Just like Newsstand Question Headlines, writing an off the wall (sex with baby cow at lunch) Question Headline will gain a lot of attention… But used too often, it turns into “the little boy who cried wolf.”

What are some of your favorite sexy, controversial, dramatic headlines?

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