How to Have Sex With A Stripper Tonight

by Brian on February 4, 2010

The “How To” Headline… Controversy, Sex, Drama and FEAR


Yesterday we talked about Question Headlines and the 3 basic components to help grab attention: Controversy, Sex and Drama.

If I wasn’t clear yesterday, those components can apply to all attention grabbing headlines.

There’s one other component I want to introduce…

Fear of the Unknown

We (as a human species) have a yearning for knowledge… we are curious creatures. Not only do we want to answer questions when we are asked, we seek knowledge about our questions… We naturally want to know how things are done.

We fear what we don’t know and envy people who have more knowledge than us.

People search for 7 basic things on the internet…

  1. How to do something
  2. To acquire information
  3. To sell something
  4. To buy something
  5. To socialize (social networks, forums, etc…)
  6. For entertainment (media, movies, music, games)
  7. To find porn (my personal fave…)

If you keep these 7 things in mind when you are writing your “how to” headline and use “fear of the unknown” along with controversy, sex and/or drama… You’ll have a winner.

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What are some successful “how to” headlines you’ve seen or used in the past?

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