Blogger, TypePad & WordPress Review… Part 1 of 4

by Brian on February 9, 2010

Today is Part 1 of the Blogger, TypePad & WordPress review.

Blogger review

Over the next 4 days I’m going to give you reviews of each of the services and give you my final thoughts on Friday. We have used all three and our final thoughts on Friday just might surprise you.

Chrystal is going to be out of the mix for the next couple of weeks because she’ll be giving birth to our 2nd daughter Kaylee Joy Johnson anytime. So, you might find the blog a little more testosterone charged than it has been… Not that we’ve been around for very long.

The first blogging platform we are going to look at is It’s one of the oldest blogging platforms and it’s owned by Grand Master Google.

Google is known for being the largest Internet company out there. They’re known for  being a leader in trend setting and creating new technology for the Internet. Somewhere in the range of 60% of all searches that happen on the Internet originate through Google.

Alright, so just so I can restate the obvious and beat the horse a little more… Google is big. So it only makes sense for Google to have a blogging platform that integrates with Google Adsense and Google Adwords. was acquired by Google in 2003 and it took off rather quickly. Because is a free blogging platform, one of the first of its kind and very easy to use, everybody and their brother jumped on the bandwagon. I did back in 2004.

I was a date coach and I blogged about it. And boy my blog took off. (That movie Hitch, where Will Smith is a stud at the beginning of the movie then turns into a pile of wuss at the end… Yeah, that was me, but without all of the wussness.) The huge difference between me and that movie was that I would only charge the dude food, drinks and taco shop at the end of the night… And in exchange I would teach him how to pick up chicks…

I had a blog where I talked about the guys and how they were the total opposite of winners when it came to the dating world. A couple of the guys cleared $130-150K a year, drove Beamers and Porches… but couldn’t get laid in a Tiajuana whorehouse with a fist full of $10 dollar bills…

My site was called It’s no longer in existence, but I ranked fast for a bunch of dating keywords… Got my first taste of Adsense and affiliates… and I was hooked.

I had no idea about Internet marketing so I purchased every product on the planet that taught me about creating big long white pages with “giant red lettering” and to use “yellow highlighting” to draw attention to catch phrases. A lot of it worked well.

I made $26 with Adsense my very first month and my affiliates started to turn into my new best friends. I wasn’t regular with the blog… I’d post about once every week or two. After a few years, life happened and I stopped that blog… but I learned a lot about the pros and cons of through that time.

The Pros of

  • It’s Free.
  • It’s really easy to use.
  • For “some reason” it seems to index with Google very well.

While may be free and easy to use, it has few MAJOR drawbacks.

  • I couldn’t easily connect to Social Network profiles.
  • There is no Spam fighting service; I used to get tons of spam… This may have changed since, but it drove me crazy.
  • There is no Support from real people… Call me old fashioned, but if I can’t find the answer to my question on a forum or help page, I like having the option to at least emailing someone to help me.
  • There are only around 60 themes to choose from…. They are really easy to set up, but it’s limited.
  • I couldn’t install third-party plug-ins (e.g. Feedburner)… So much for tracking.
  • If your blog falls outside of Google’s Ts & Cs, they can delete your blog without warning, including all of your content… I found that out with a couple of niche topics… (You’d be surprised at how many guys will spend $19.95 on an eBook that teaches an exercise to increase their manhood… and at how fast Google can remove that blog…)

When I had no clue about what I was doing online and wasn’t trying to make money, made sense… Actually, it made me a quite a few $…

To check out and all of it’s glory Click Here.

I’m really curious… What’s your opinion of

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