Blogger, TypePad & WordPress Review… Part 4 of 4

by Brian on February 12, 2010

Over the past week we’ve reviewed Blogger, TypePad and WordPress… Today as promised, we are going to give you our opinion of which platform we feel is the best for us.

Blogger TypePad WordPress Review Decision

As you can probably already tell and we’ve mentioned, we use TypePad.
While TypePad is a great all-in-one blogging solution and we recommend it for new bloggers because of it’s ease of use… We don’t feel it’s the best solution for us for…

The new blogging platform we are converting over to is

There are 2 specific reasons:

  1. The Thesis Theme for WordPress
  2. CommentLuv for WordPress

If those were both available for TypePad, we’d be sticking around.

Why did we launch our new blog on TypePad instead of Thesis?

We’ve been with TypePad for a while, we know how to use it and all of our blogs are on TypePad…
We plan on doing a mass conversion when we get all of our themes built out and perfected…

Not to mention we’re paid up on TypePad for several months, so there’s not a need to rush.

After reading these reviews and based on your own personal experience…

What’s your favorite blogging platform and why?

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