The Single Most Important Decision You’ll Make About Your MLM Business

by Brian on February 18, 2010

Marketing Budget

Establishing a Marketing Budget

Yesterday we covered:

  1. If you’ve paid money to be part of a MLM company, you were serious about trying to make money.
  2. Network marketing is a stupid way to market yourself.
  3. The most important decision you’ll make about your MLM Business is to market yourself.

If you don’t market yourself, you will fail.

Some people will disagree and say that sales are the most important thing you can do for a business. I’ll say this to you…

“Yes, you need sales to survive, but you need someone to sell your product or service to first.”

So let’s talk about a Marketing Budget.

Every MLM Company has a Premium Business in a Box Starter Kit… You might be able to buy into a MLM Company for $50 at a minimum, but the Premium Starter Kit is $1,200.

If you are willing to invest that $1,200 up front, you are paying $100 per month towards a marketing method that is proven to fail.

Don’t waste your money on the Premium Starter Kit, it works for less than 95% of the people who buy it.

Start a website, start a blog, start a forum. Promote them by commenting on other blogs and forums. Do large scale marketing campaigns (we’ll get into those in the coming week). And educate yourself on how to market yourself on many different levels.

As the old saying goes,“It takes money to make money.”

A blogger named Nathan Hagan summed it up perfectly to a person who was balking at spending $27 a month on a program that would help him grow his eBusiness…

“Quite frankly, if 27 is beyond the price of what you’re willing to invest in your business, then you aren’t going to make it very far.
I don’t care if you join the 3rd Tribe or not, but 27 isn’t even close to spending what it costs to start a business anywhere else. Quit making excuses and either go make 27 dollars so you can join, or quit whining and asking for pity.”

Just creating a website, blog and forum isn’t all you need…

You need to educate and promote yourself.


Spend your money on setting up a website, blog and forum.  Spend your money on QUALITY educational courses and forums.

But set aside the money to do it.

If you have to take away from your rent to market yourself… You shouldn’t be joining a MLM Company.

How much a month are you willing to invest into being able to have your own business?

$10 a month?

$100 a month?

$1,000 a month?

We say if you aren’t willing to invest a minimum of $100 per month for your MLM Marketing Budget… you shouldn’t be getting involved with a MLM Company.

What are some things you do right now to market your MLM Business? How’s it treating you?

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