Network Marketing IS NOT Multi-Level Marketing

by Brian on February 19, 2010

Network MarketingMultiLevel Marketing

“Network Marketing IS NOT Multi-Level Marketing”

I can’t stress how important it is for you to know the difference.

We’ve said it a few times in our post and on our website…

  • Network Marketing is a Marketing Method

Network Marketing is basically trying to sell your product or service to every person you know or meet.

  • Multi-Level Marketing is a Business Structure

Multi-Level Marketing is how a business organizes itself.

Network Marketing is stupid… Relying on your family friends and everyone you know and meet to build your MLM Business is asking them to start their own business and franchise under you.

When you approach someone to be part of your MLM Business you need to ask yourself the question, “Could this person and is this person willing to learn how to run a McDonald’s franchise?”

If your answer is “No” that person is not a good candidate for your MLM Business. In fact, if someone isn’t asking you to be part of your MLM, they aren’t a good candidate for your MLM Business.

There are a few reasons MLM Companies promote the use of Network Marketing.

  1. They know there is more than a 95% chance you are going to fail
  2. Teaching Network Marketing is the easiest way to teach someone (who otherwise wouldn’t) how to sell.
  3. Pushing the business in a box Premium Starter Kit is the way the company will make the most money from you up front, they know you’re probably not going to be around after 2-3 months.

Here are a few realities:

  • Building any business is a lot of hard work; MLM is no exception.
  • Marketing yourself is the most important thing you will do.
  • If people don’t know about you and your product or service, they can’t buy it.
  • Network Marketing is the wrong way to market yourself.
  • Building an eBusiness to support your MLM Business is how the most successful MLMers rise to the top.
  • If you decide to build an eBusiness, don’t do it around your MLM Opportunity… Do it around something you know and enjoy.
  • We are sales and marketing nuts… It’s what we enjoy. I enjoy teaching people how to market themselves and how to sell themselves, their place of business and their product.

If you already have a site, here’s something you can do right now to become an authority figure in your niche and drive traffic to your site.

Go to Hub Pages and create a hub. It’s like a blog post, but on their website. Talk about something that is related to what your blog or site is about, and direct people to it.

We just discovered Hub Pages.

Hopefully when you hear someone interchanging Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing you will be able to correct them…

What are some other differences between Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing?

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