How to Sell Your Product or Service

by Brian on February 26, 2010

How to Sell Your Product or Service

There are 3 things you sell in this exact order…

  1. Yourself
  2. Your Place of Business
  3. Your Product or Service

If you’ve sold yourself and your place of business… Then selling your product or service breaks down to 3 things.

  1. Can they afford it?
  2. Do they need it?
  3. Do they want it?

Can they afford it?

The biggest purchase objection you will get is, “It’s out of my budget,”
in some form or another. In today’s economy that’s understandable.

The fact of the matter is… If a person really needs something, they will be able to afford it.

I know, there are some of you reading this who are starting to completely disagree with me… bear with me for a minute.

I worked in the Tax Resolution Industry for several years. We helped people who were in trouble with the IRS get out of the situation they were in. These people were in the most extreme financial situations, with many of them owing hundreds of thousands and some owing millions to the IRS. A few of our clients ended up in prison…

Our clients would typically contact us twice before hiring us.

The first time was after they received a threatening letter from the IRS. We’d review their case and give them a quote to have our attorneys represent them. Our fees started at $7,500 and went up from there, and we asked for payment in full before working on the case.

(Most of the time when a person owes that much to the IRS it’s because a business failed and the IRS pierced the corporate veil and assessed corporate taxes to an individual, and that person was in debt up to their eyeballs… The taxes are typically from employment taxes 940 & 941s… 70% of our clients fell into this category, the other 30% were people who tried to screw the IRS but got caught…)

Even though we’d warn these clients they needed to hire us immediately (based on the threatening letter from the IRS), most didn’t think they needed our services.

Over half of our clients hired us only after the IRS took action. Most people would contact us immediately after they just got all but $180 a week garnished from their paychecks and their bank accounts were completely cleaned out by the IRS. It was only then they realized they needed us…

BUT there was a huge problem for them. They had no money. And they would all say they didn’t have anyone they could turn to. We required a minimum of 30% of our fee upfront and would do a short payment plan to help these individuals…

Everyone was able to come up with the money, because the need was there.

My whole point is… Everyone has family, friends and business associates they can rely on for money and help when they need it. It’s a matter of how bad a person needs something before they go and ask for help.

If there is enough need, false pride and ego will get pushed to the side and a person will ask whomever they need for help.

Creating Need…

You can’t create a need unless you are an arsonist by night and an insurance adjuster by day.

What you can do is show “need” to a potential buyer by identifying a problem the buyer has and presenting a solution to that problem.

If you have a service that reviews auto parts and you are getting an affiliate commission from selling the parts… The problem is your readers don’t know which part is the best, the solution is your reviews to help them make that decision.

Your reviews should be fact based and demonstrate why one part is superior over another in order to create a need in the visitor’s mind of why they need that particular part. Give the bad reviews where they are due as well, because there will be some people who will buy it anyway and it will present you as unbiased.

Presenting your product or service in the… “Here’s the problem… Here’s the solution…” way will help your buyers identify with why they need the product.

Creating Want…

If people believe they need something and they like and trust both you and your place of business… They will want to buy it from you.

Remember, everyone loves to buy, but hates to be sold… All you need to do after selling yourself and your place of business is to show a reason to buy.

What product or service do you sell?

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