You Don’t Matter

by Brian on March 1, 2010

You Don't Matter

There are 2 types of bloggers:

  1. Bloggers who are attempting to make money or gain readership.
  2. Bloggers who don’t care about making money or gaining readership.

I have a personal blog that I update once in a blue moon. The blog is a rant about my thoughts and whatever comes to my mind. I don’t care if anyone ever reads that blog, because it’s for me and that’s it.

On the other hand, we have this blog our Uruguay blog and Chrystal’s Mommy blog we make money from.

If you have a half-ass blog you don’t care one way or another if you ever have a single visitor to your site, stop reading this and go about your day.

If you are trying to make money from your blog, pay close attention.

You don’t matter…

Not when it comes to your blog. Your readers do.

They don’t care if you are having a bad day. They don’t care if you’re going on vacation. They don’t care if it’s the best day of your life. It’s not about what you like, don’t like, believe or anything else.

Readers come to your blog for one reason and one reason only.

To Read Your Post

Instead of “Field of Dreams” call it “Blog of Dreams”… If you post it, they will come. If you don’t post, they don’t come back.

I’m a blog follower… I follow tons of blogs, but I unsubscribe from them as fast as I follow.

The #1 reason I’ll unfollow a blog is… No New Content.

A buddy of ours (if you think we’re talking about you, you’re right) was all gung-ho about starting a blog. We helped him out and got him hooked up. His blog was on a roll, it looked good and had great content… He was starting to get a ton of followers, but he stopped writing for one reason or another and his whole online presence went down the toilet.

If you are blogging for money, the absolute WORST thing you can do is stop writing. Let’s face it, if you know how to type… Banging out a blog post is really easy to do and not very time consuming, 10 – 20 minutes tops.

But let’s say you don’t know how to type very well… Write a half a dozen posts and have them set aside for when you are in a hurry, or something happens or for whatever the situation is that comes up and you’re not able to write.

When do your bloggers care?

If you are not able to write regularly for some reason, let your readers know ahead of time… If it’s for a specific event, let’s say having a baby (Yes Tom, I’m thinking of when you have your little girl)… Every one of your readers will check your blog every day for no other reason other than to see if there’s any news…

We had our 2nd daughter Kaylee on Valentine’s Day, just a couple of
weeks ago. All of our followers on our Uruguay blog and Chrystal’s
mommy blog have been anticipating this… Why? Because we informed them
ahead of time. It’s part of what we blog about.

Since Kaylee was born, we have posted a little, but instead of 4-5 times per week on each
blog, it’s scaled back to only a couple times a week on those blogs…
Why? Because we have 2 kids under the age of 2 and we’re trying to get
settled into a routine… The cool part is we haven’t seen a dip in traffic.

BUT, we didn’t stop writing.

On this blog, you’ll see I did post this post about Kaylee being born. It wasn’t a huge thing, I was home from the hospital grabbing a couple of things and did that post and the one it links to in 10 minutes. I had something else preset and I bumped it. (I’m a proud dad and I want to tell everyone.) But, if for some reason I wasn’t able to get home from the hospital, I had something else set to post.

I’m not perfect though, I accidentally bumped the post out a day farther than I thought, so the next day a post didn’t run… But the point is, mistakes are going to happen… but it’s about acting like a business owner who writes instead of a writer trying to run a business.

If you’re serious about making money from your blog and through your ebusiness, you HAVE TO treat it like a business.

If you neglect your readers (the lifeblood of your business), you will fail.


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