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by Brian on March 5, 2010

What is the Third Tribe Marketing blog community?

It’s a blogging community that was formed by Brian Clark and Sonia Simone of CopyBlogger, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger and Chris Brogan. They are known for being the most ethical Internet Marketers on the web.

The Back Story

For several years there have been 2 schools of thought when it comes to Internet Marketing.

On one side you have hard core Internet Marketers who flash the cash, houses, boats and dream cars.

A lot of these marketers sell useless junk… Some are selling really great products. It’s hard to tell the difference because they are all packaged and labeled the same (long sales letters with yellow highlighting and big red letters).

On the other side you have the Social Media “cool kids.” They think making money online is a crime that should be punished by having your hands chopped off… That might be a little extreme… But the point is, they think it’s unethical to make money online.

The Third Tribe Marketing – Blog Community is a meeting in the middle of the hardcore IMers and Social Media Kids… to where everybody learns from everyone.

Seth Godin (the unofficial King of Hardcore IMers) got into discussion with Brian Clark about which “side” he was on after Brian did a blunt blog post about another hardcore Internet Marketer.

Then Brian got to talking with Sonia… Sonia put out a post on The Third Tribe. Darren got involved in the discussion and so did Chris.

Now about a year later, we have The Third Tribe Marketing Community.

If you don’t know who these people are, that’s cool… I’m going to fill you in.

Brian Clark & Sonia Simone of CopyBlogger

Brian Clark started CopyBlogger back in 2006. His blog teaches people how to write and how to write for marketing. He touches on SEO, SEM and other aspects of sales and marketing.

He’s a former attorney, entrepreneur, Internet marketing strategist, copywriter and a teacher.

Brian has a “tell it like it is” style. I appreciate that.

Brian is a smart guy and I respect his opinions. I have learned a lot from his content.

Sonia Simone is Brian Clark’s Sr. Editor at CopyBlogger… Sonia has a good head on her shoulders.

Sonia brings a different perspective to CopyBlogger and loads of valuable content.

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, TwiTip and Digital Photography School

Darren’s blogs are fantastic. They are all full of tons of really good useful knowledge about blogging, Twitter and Digital Photography.

Darren starting blogging back in 2002 and has become one of the most well known bloggers out there.

ProBlogger gives tons of awesome advice and “how to” tips that you can implement immediately and see results with.

Chris Brogan of

Chris Brogan is a Social Media Guru and a really good speaker. You can look him up on YouTube and hear him speak about a variety of topics.

Chris is also an author and an entrepreneur… He makes a boatload of cash.

Why We Are Part of The Third Tribe Marketing – Blog Community

For me it was a no brainer… I saw Brian Clark promoting a community that he Sonia, Darren and Chris were going to be a part of and I was on board.

There are 3 things that I’m getting from The Third Tribe Marketing – Blog Community

  1. Education

  2. We are firm believers in continuing education. We are always seeking quality information on sales, marketing, SEO, SEM, MLM, technology and business related things.

    Every month they either do a webinar or live audio class along with 2 live Q & A calls led by Brian, Sonia, Darren and/or Chris.

  3. The Forum
  4. Advice, Feedback and Interaction not only from Brian, Sonia, Darren and Chris… But from other A listers who are part of this community.

  5. Contacts

  6. I’m doing my first guest post on our Uruguay blog next week, that’s because of a connection in the forum. There are some great contacts to be made.

The Third Tribe membership is $47 a month… We feel it’s worth at least twice that amount.

If you’re interested in checking out The Third Tribe Click Here

(And yes, this is an affiliate link.) The ONLY WAY to be an affiliate of The Third Tribe is to be a member.

If you sign up through us we’ll make about $15 per month for the time you stay an active member… We believe in The Third Tribe and wouldn’t promote it if we didn’t feel it wasn’t worth every penny. We wouldn’t sacrifice our reputation for $15.

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