Pitching Is For Baseball

by Brian on March 29, 2010

If you are pitching a product or service… STOP.

To be successful in selling anything, you must present your product or service and not pitch it.

Throwing the same message up over and over again hoping someone will bite is not selling. This is referred to the “spray and pray” technique. It’s a dumb way of trying to conduct business.

When you pitch someone you are having a one way communication with your prospect, not having a conversation with your prospect.

A pitch is like a one way street.

Me“Hi Mr. Prospect… My name is Brian with ABC Widgets… I understand your company uses widgets so you’re in luck… I have the best widget in the world with the best service to support it… And you need it for your business today… And if you act right now, I’ll be able to give you a 50% discount so you’ll be able to get our widget today for an unbelievably low price. Would you like me to send over a quote via email?”

Mr. Prospect“No thank you, we’re fine where we’re at. Put me on your Do Not Call List…” Click…

A presentation is a conversation that goes both ways.

When you have a conversation with your prospect you should “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Covey

If you understand your prospect’s needs, then you’ll be able to present your ideas in a more receptive way.

Me“Hi Mr. Prospect… My name is Brian with ABC Widgets… I understand your company uses widgets, is that correct?”

Mr. Prospect“Yes we do, how may I help you.”

Me“Mr. Prospect, I’m sure you already have a Widget company you use on a regular basis don’t you?”

Mr. Prospect“Yes Brian, we’ve been using XYZ Widget for 4 years now and we’re very happy with them.”

Me“Mr. Prospect, that’s fantastic… XYZ Widget is a direct competitor with us, a lot of my best clients said the same thing as you. The reason most of them said the XYZ Widget was good is because of their outstanding customer service; but the reason they switched to us is because we provide comparable, if not better customer service and we do it for a lot less. Mr. Prospect, if you were to switch Widget companies what would make you do that?”

Mr. Prospect“Brian, customer service is the most important aspect to me, but behind that would be price. If I can get the same or better for less, that would be something I’d definitely consider… What are your prices?”

Me“Mr. Prospect, let me put together a quote and send it over to you, what’s your best email?”

Does pitching work?

Sometimes, but more often than not it won’t get you your desired result. Pitching is kind of like the saying, “Even a blind squirrel will find a nut every now and then.”

Learning about your prospects needs then presenting your prospect with a solution works A LOT better.

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