SEO and URLs – Make It Count

by Brian on April 8, 2010

A lot of people don’t understand SEO… The funny thing is, most people do it without knowing.

In our newsletter that went out on April 1st, we talk about setting up 3 websites that are all related to a general theme. Part of that process is selecting your products and getting domain names for your products.

One important thing to remember about picking out a URL is to make sure it’s search engine friendly.

A search engine friendly domain name also has to be appealing to the eye, meaning it needs to be related to the product and/or theme.

Our Theme


Why did we choose tailgating?

  • Tailgating is Fun – We love tailgating… At the same time, I know how much we spend on tailgating… I know of tons of people who spend a large sum of money on tailgating.
  • Large Market From professional events to little league, millions of people tailgate every weekend at football, baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball and every other sporting event imaginable.
  • Tons of Products – There are tons of products and accessories we can add in the future.
  • Limited Competition – While there’s some good competition online, it’s not overwhelming. There is room for us on the 1st page of Google.

Our Products

Margaritaville G1000 Ride-Behind Tailgating Propane Grill – Tailgating isn’t tailgating unless you’re grilling some food. This is an awesome grill… It hooks onto a standard 2″ hitch receiver and doesn’t take up any room inside of your vehicle… It’s rad.

Our domain name:

TailGator Canopy – This is an awesome canopy. If you’ve ever had to stand in the sun for 3-4 hours because you didn’t have a canopy, you understand the importance of shade.

Our domain name:

Alesis TransActive Live Portable PA System for iPod – Music is a must at tailgates. Tons of people run their batteries dead in their vehicles… This portable PA has an iPod dock, sounds great and has 12 hours of battery life to go along with it.

Our domain name:

As of the time of this post we don’t have the sites up yet.

We’ve contacted the manufacturers and we’ll be selling at least 2 of them directly (Amazon links will work until we get everything set up).

The URLs

One thing you’ll notice about all of these addresses is they are descriptive as in they are what people are searching for…

To dash or not to dash… that is the question.

There is a debate whether using spaces between the words help the search engines or not. I believe they do.

I understand they aren’t very friendly to tell someone go to, “best dash portable dash tailgating dash canopy dot com.” But, we’re building these sites to be found in the search engines.

What’s the the domain name of your online business and how did you choose it?

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