Illegal Immigration and Arizona Businesses

by Brian on May 10, 2010

It has been a whirlwind in the past couple of weeks in both my personal and business life… and in the U.S.

My oldest daughter Zoe turned 2 yesterday. Being “Mother’s Day” too, we had a great birthday/ Mother’s Day celebration all weekend.

Chrystal landed an awesome freelance writing contract a couple of weeks ago. Because we are 4 hours ahead of the west coast, Chrystal works morning through early afternoon and I work the afternoon through evening… We take turns watching our daughters. We’ve been adjusting to that schedule.

In the U.S. between the oil spill in the Gulf and Arizona’s new immigration law, everything is up in arms over something.

The oil spill sucks… I don’t understand why anyone is surprised that a multi-billion dollar corporation would try to “hide” how bad the oil spill was… Regardless, it is what is.

On the other hand, Arizona’s new immigration law SB1070 was passed and is due to go into effect in August.

A Bunch of Idiots

Right now there is a huge debate over the law and whether or not it’s a racist law, if it violates human rights, if it’s legal and so on.

One of the measures that opponents of SB1070 are taking is boycotting Arizona and Arizona businesses.

Boycotting Arizona and Arizona businesses is stupid. Business owners have no control over the law… Anyone who is preaching to boycott Arizona and its businesses is a moron in my book.

By boycotting Arizona businesses, people are effectively making it harder for business owners to employ illegal aliens. If they are getting boycotted, they won’t be able to pay wages… So they are essentially hurting the people they are trying to help.

With the economic state of the country, the worst thing people in the U.S. can do is boycott an entire state… It will have a negative impact on the entire country.

There are other states seeking laws similar to Arizona’s SB1070… Can you imagine if the country boycotted Texas too?

If people don’t like the laws, they should appeal to their local representatives…

Boycotting an entire state’s businesses is bad for the U.S.

What do you think?

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