Taking Your Business to the Next Level

by Brian on November 5, 2010

How’s it going? It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. I moved from South America back to the U.S. and I’m now living in the San Bernardino Mountains.

I’ve dropped a lot of my services that I was providing, except for my Business Consulting. That’s still going strong.

I’m basically building small websites that are SEO’d and designed for the specific purpose of having someone contact the site owner or do a specific action.

I’ve also just got involved with Pay-Per-Call advertising which has led me to get involved with doing an Internet Radio Commercial. It’s for confidential STD testing. This is where I get paid for every person who calls into my affiliate 800 number regardless if they buy or not.

I’ll keep you posted on that, but let’s get to what I want to talk about. Click Here to Read More…