Wish You Could Type Faster?

by Brian on February 22, 2010

Free Typing Course

Learning how to type properly is extremely important if you ever want to be productive on the Internet.

What is referred to as a “Working” Typing Speed is 50wpm… If you type less than 50wpm, you should be doing something to improve your typing speed.

I’m a fan of investing in courses to educate and improve myself.

Investing in self improvement courses is two-fold.

  1. Money Investment… How much does it cost and what’s the return?
  2. This is the thing most people get stuck on. If I said, give me 10 cents and I’ll give you a dollar, would you do it? What if I said give me $1,000 and I’ll give you $100K? Of course you’d do it. Investing in self improvement courses is the same thing.

  3. Time Investment… Who cares if you can afford it and get it… It’s worthless unless you do it.
  4. Here’s a prime example… We give away a free system that teaches how to start an ebusiness. A lot of people download it; people love free stuff. A good amount of people start and get well underway. Most people don’t finish.

Back to how you can type faster.

Do an online typing course. That’s easier said than done with the amount of courses online. I’m not going to refer you to some junk course that nickle and dimes you though… I’m referring you to a pretty rad online typing course.

The best part is… this online typing course is 100% free. It’s one of the best typing courses I’ve ever seen, I actually can’t believe it’s free. But it is.

The cool part is, it allows you to create an account that keeps track of your progress. (You don’t have to create an account to try it out either.)

Invest 10 minutes each day into this free online typing course regardless if you type 70+ words per minute like me or if you’re at 20wpm…

Doing this typing course will do nothing but improve your typing speed.

Click Here for your Free Typing Course.

How many words per minute do you type?

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