About Me

Hi, I’m Brian Johnson

I’ve spent the past 14 years in sales, sales management and operations management for small to mid sized companies.

I’ve had successes and learning experiences from my own businesses.

I was born in Kansas City, MO and raised in the small town of Richmond, MO. After getting out of the Marines in 1999, I entered the real estate industry. I found my niche in the financial industry and later tripped over the tax resolution industry. I liked the tax industry for the experiences it gave me, but eventually found my way back to the financial industry.

I have been the Sales Manager for several top-producing teams, the Director of Sales and Marketing at a Loan Company and the Director of Sales and Operations for two of the top Tax Resolution companies in the nation.

I have a very strong sales, training, Internet and direct marketing background. I also have a strong operations management background, which was gained by helping small businesses through the growth and transition phase of becoming mid-sized companies.

What’s This Website About?

I initially developed Online Business Blogger to help promote my business consulting services. I got some business, made a few websites for clients and grew the business. Then I decided to stop my business consulting services.

“Why?” you may ask. My wife Chrystal and I are starting up our own distribution company. We will be specializing in both retail and wholesale merchandise. There will be more to come about that once the business is legally established through the State.

So now Online Business Blogger is about Business, Blogging and Bullshit.

One of my favorite past times is studying the U.S. Economy, so I’ll for sure be giving you my insights on that as well as anything else the government is doing that will impact businesses. I’ll give blogging tips and advice when I feel like it too. More importantly, a lot of what I write from here forward will be bullshit. Just whatever I feel like writing down, it could be of substance or not, it’s my blog I can do what I want.

I will give advice, insights, reviews, recommendations and anything else I feel could be of value based upon my experiences. I will never promote anything I don’t believe in.

I may amuse… at times I may offend… but at the end of the day, my goal is to try to teach you something you can use to better yourself and your business.

BTW, I’m the proud father of two wonderful little girls, Zoë and Kaylee… So this sight will get the occasional daddy blog post, deal with it or move on.

Thank you for following me…I  wish you the best in life and I sincerely hope you find the courage to live the type of life you want to live.

Have a great day!!!