Making Money in a Crisis = $500 per pound Butter

by Brian on December 17, 2011

Like it or not folks, we  (the people of the world) are teetering on the edge of a massive financial crisis. It’s undeniable that making money these days isn’t as easy as it was just a few years ago.

So now we’re at a point where we the people (of the U.S.) are starting to feel the massive economic pressures the rest of the world is experiencing.

In Norway as reported by Natural News; there is a butter shortage. In this butter shortage there are people who are getting as much as $500 per pound selling butter online.

I’m not saying charging $500 per pound is right… but, supply and demand dictates price. If someone were to offer me $500 for a pound of butter I would sell it to them so fast it would make their heads spin.

When times get bad, you should be prepared to make money from the opportunities which will arise.

What practical skills do you have?

If the U.S. experiences the type of economic collapse that everyone from the IMF, Germany, Sweden, the U.K. and other countries & financial institutions are preparing for in the Eurozone… what will you do if you lose your job?

Of course trying to find another job in your field is at the top of the list; but what will you do to pay your bills until then?

These are questions millions of people across the U.S. are asking themselves everyday. If you wait until you need an answer before you start asking yourself that question, you’re starting at a disadvantage.

Practical VS Impractical Skills

These are my definitions… Practical skills are skills that you can use no matter what happens with society, you can do it yourself and your product or service relies on all people’s needs. Impractical skills are skills that are of no practical use and rely upon other people’s wants.

Yeah, there may be more to it than that, but in a nutshell… I think it’s a pretty good definition.

For example a car wash owner owns an impractical business. When economic times get tough, the last thing on most people’s mind will be taking their car to a car wash… on the other hand a farmer has a practical business as he relies upon him or herself to sow their soil, plant, grow & harvest their produce; which there will always be people who want to buy food.

Or, if you rock at getting to the 10th level of CODMWIII, you can beat anyone in WOW because of your level 10K fighting skills, you’re great at writing fiction novels, you’re an awesome life coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, personal shopper, making jewelry or any other array of jobs that serve no legitimate purpose in society, you could very well be up the creek.

Can you cook for people on a large scale? Can you sew? Can you watch kids? Can you build a house? Can you raise animals for food production? Can you build simple functional items that people need such as wood tables, shelves, benches, steel working, glass working? Can you fix small engines? Can you fix just about anything that’s put in front of you?

No matter what practical skills you have, you really need to be able to buy, sell, trade & barter as well or you’ll be screwed.

What type of skills are you learning to help you generate income if you have a personal economic collapse?

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