HTML – An Introduction

by Brian on March 9, 2010

If you’re going to blog, learning the basics about HTML is going to help you tremendously.

Although there are HTML editors for the majority of blogging platforms, like pressing “b” for Bold… Sometimes it’s necessary to go into the HTML and write the code yourself.

A lot of the time I prefer to write in HTML instead of using an editor, maybe it’s the control freak in me…

What is HTML?

Hyper-Text Markup Language.

When someone refers to HTML documents, it can mean one of 3 things…

  1. HTML documents = Called Web Pages
  2. HTML documents = Describes Web Pages
  3. HTML documents = Documents that contain HTML Tags and Plain Text

HTML is not a programming language… It’s a markup language, meaning it’s a type of computer language that is used to change files posted on the Internet. Files are posted to the Internet in documents.

A HTML Markup is referred to as HTML Tag… A group of markup tags are used to describe a web page.

In short, you will be using these codes to make changes your website, blog and forum.

HTML tags are opened and closed with angle brackets < and >… And the command is inserted in between the angle brackets.

HTML tags come in pairs… So when you open a HTML tag, you need to almost always remember to close it… The way you close it is to put a forward slash “/” in front of the command.

  • An example would be:
    <center> Text being centered </center>

You should now have a basic understanding as to what HTML is. From time to time I’ll be adding HTML post to teach you how to use this awesome markup language. I plan on going over the basics, then getting into more advanced HTML…

I need your help though.

What are some things you’d like to learn about HTML or have quick access to through this blog?

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