Is Your Blog Carbon Neutral?

by Brian on March 15, 2010

Carbon Neutral Blog… What’s that supposed to mean?

Every one of us who has a blog leaves a carbon footprint… So do our visitors.

This is something I just found out, but it makes sense.

Once you factor in the servers, fans, compressors, electricity, lights and everything else… there’s definitely a use of energy when someone visits your blog…

Basically… for every visitor who comes to your blog it causes approximately .0008 ounces of CO2…

If you have 15,000 visitors per month, your blog’s carbon footprint leaves about 8lbs of CO2 per year.

How can a blog be carbon neutral?

First you start with a hamster and a wheel, some rubber bands, copper coils and magnets…Watch a few old episodes of MacGuyver and you’re set…

Seriously… That’s what started to go through my head when I first heard about carbon neutral blogs.

There is a company based in Germany called kaufDA that is helping bloggers around the world make their blogs become carbon neutral for free… almost.

Yeah, there’s a catch… But it won’t cost you a dime… We’ll get there…

Their “Green Initiative” is working with the Arbor Day Foundation in Plumas National Forest (Northern California).

For those of you who have been living under a rock, California is always on fire… Plumas had almost 90,000 acres burn up back in 2007…

To help replant the forest… They are asking for bloggers to sponsor a tree.

One blog = 1 tree planted.

Why are they doing this?

Marketing… And it’s a great marketing strategy.

kaufDA is a company that makes online brochures for companies to advertise instead of using paper brochures. Their goal is to obviously make money… But they have a secondary goal, and that is to reduce the carbon footprint that businesses leave in our mailboxes.

Their examples is… The average mailbox in the U.S. collects over 41lbs of junk mail per year… That carbon footprint is the equivalent of burning 6 gallons of gasoline.

This marketing strategy not only goes along with one of kaufDA’s core goals, but it helps the world at the same time.

What’s the catch?

Write a blog post supporting kaufDA and the Green Initiative.

Email them the link to your post.

Put a cool button on your blog so the world can see.

They in turn plant a tree for your blog… and they do it for free.

So putting business aside… Online Business Blogger is now a Carbon Neutral Blog.

What’s the next step?

Go Sponsor A Tree

Once you get your carbon neutral blog post up, be sure to come back here and leave the link in the comments…

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