The U.S. Economy is Recovering = B.S.

by Brian on November 5, 2010

So I just read an article from the Associated Press titled “Companies add Most Jobs Since April.”

The article starts off with this statement:

“Companies created more net new jobs in October than in any month since April, evidence that businesses are shedding their previously cautious attitude toward hiring.”

Then the writer of the article rambles on about how it’s a good sign that businesses are going to start hiring, he throws out a bunch of numbers and blah blah blah.

Here’s reality…

The U.S. Economy IS NOT Recovering.

The U.S. dollar is losing its value at a staggering rate. In the past 18 months, Silver has increased in value from around $10 an ounce up to $26.64 an ounce (as of the moment I’m typing this).

The official Nationwide unemployment rate is at 9.6%… This rate reflects the number of people actually collecting unemployment insurance (UI). It doesn’t take into account people who are unemployed who don’t have UI (either they never qualified or they’ve already run out).

The real Nationwide unemployment rate, including people who are not on UI, was recently polled as being in the neighborhood of 22%.

An Explanation

So why on earth would employers be hiring more people, but jobless rates are staying the same?

It’s October. October, November and December are seasonal employee hiring times… as are March, April and May.

I live in a mountain resort town… All of the winter resorts are starting to hire right now to get ready for the winter tourist season.

All of the people these winter resorts are hiring are local people who are leaving their local summer resort jobs.

Some people I’ve talked to have been working the same summer and winter jobs up here for 10+ years…

So while an influx of companies across the nation are hiring (but unemployment rates are staying the same), it isn’t a sign of anything other than a seasonal employee shift… or as some call it “tourist season.”

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