Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fake?

by Brian on April 29, 2011

I don’t know. It’s something fun to chat about on Facebook and see who gets riled up about it.

Here’s a copy of it I pulled from the White House website

I’m not an Adobe wizard by any means. I know how to convert a file into a PDF and that’s about it.

Zoom into 600% and look at it… make your own determination.

So what if Obama’s birth certificate is fake?

Who cares?

If Obama’s birth certificate is fake; a lot of time, energy, effort and money has went into getting him to where he is. And if someone or some entity were to take that much time, energy, effort and money to cover up where he was born, that entity wouldn’t let something like this derail their course.

Obama can’t really screw up the economy any more than it already is. I’m glad to see he assembled a new National Security Team to not only oversee the war in the mid-east, but to also oversee the budget and Pentagon spending. Maybe he’ll end the war in the mid-east as he promised he would do in his campaign.

But what if Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.?

Who cares? His mom was.

The fact of the matter is… our economy is too fragile right now to deal with a shake up on Capitol Hill.

What do you think would happen if Obama got impeached right now?

The entire world is looking at dumping the dollar as the reserve currency. The President of the United States of America is the most powerful man in the world.

If the rest of the world perceives we (the U.S.) have political instability along with the debt crisis and unstable economy… It could cause the rest of the world to not only loose confidence in the dollar, but in U.S. based businesses.

What that means is… no more foreign investors. Some people may ignorantly cheer and say “good, we need to make everything in the U.S. anyway.” While I agree with that sentiment, the reality is the U.S. has become pretty much a consumerist society. We rely upon most of the other world to supply our goods, oil and food. We can’t supply ourselves with everything we’ve become accustom to. Look at what happened to U.S. auto and electronic manufacturers with imports from Japan shutting down. Can you imagine what it would be like if the rest of the world stopped importing to the U.S. all at once?

Yeah… that would suck.

As much as I don’t like Obama and I think he’s the 2nd worst President behind Nixon… Regardless if Obama was born inside or outside of the U.S.; I feel we (as a country) can’t call for his impeachment right now for the greater good of our country’s economic well-being.

As much as I hate to say it… We need China’s money right now. They just announced a few days ago they were going to start buying more Euro bonds to help minimize risk from the U.S. $3 Trillion in bonds they currently hold if the U.S. dollar falls.

What next?

Move on and keep your fingers crossed that Congress can agree upon a balanced budget. Right now they are acting as if you or I had to cut $1,000 a month from our budget and we had a Democrat adviser telling us to cut $0.02 and the Republican adviser telling us to cut $.0.04… and both telling us to wait 10 years to do it… Except for Ron Paul…

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