HTML – Basic HTML Codes

by Brian on March 19, 2010

If you are new to HTML and you should read HTML – An Introduction.

Below you are going to find common HTML codes I use on a daily basis. This isn’t super in depth, but it’s enough to give you a great start.

Here are some common HTML codes

Line Break


Double Line Break



<b>Text in Bold</b>
<strong>Text in Bold</strong>


<i>Text in Italics</i>
<em>Text in Italics</em>


<U>Text to be Underlined</U>
<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Text to be Underlined</span>


<center>Text being centered</center>

Strike Through

<del>Text to Strike through</del>

Font Size

< Font size=1> This text would be size 1</Font>
< span style=”font-size: xx-small;”> This text would be size 1 or xx-small</span>

Font Color

<Font Color=”Red”>This text would be red</Font>
<span style=”color: #ff0000;”>This text would be red</span>

Insert link

<A href=””>Online Business Blogger</a>
<A href=””>Your Desired Text</a>

Insert link – Open in New Window

<A href=”” target=”_blank”>Online Business Blogger</a>
<A href=”” target=”_blank”>Your Desired Text</a>

Email Link

<A href=”mail to:[email protected]”>Email Brian</a>
<A href=”mail to:[email protected]“>Your Desired Text</a>

List Items

  • <Li>
  • </Li>
  • <Li>Row One Text</Li>
  • <Li>Row Two Text</Li>
  • Unordered List (Bullets)

    • <UL>
    • </UL>
    • <UL>
    • <Li>Row One Text</Li>
    • <Li>Row Two Text</Li>
    • </UL>

    Ordered List (Numbered List)

    1. <OL>
    2. </OL>
    1. <OL>
    2. <Li>Row One Text</Li>
    3. <Li>Row Two Text</Li>
    4. </OL>

    This should give you a good start with some basic HTML codes.

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