Moving Forward

by Brian on December 23, 2010

The paste few months of my life have been very wild.

We moved back to the U.S. after living abroad in Uruguay for 13 months.

We stayed with family for about 6 weeks in San Diego until we found the town we live in located in the San Bernardino Mountains.

We found a place that was perfect for us.

We finally got unpacked and started to settle into a routine…


2 weeks and 1 day ago at 10 til 5pm I received a phone call from our property management company telling me that our house was being put up for short-sale and that the Realtor would give me a call the next day.

When the Realtor and I spoke the next day he told me they had 3 weeks to get an offer in on the short-sale or the house would go into foreclosure. In addition, we would need to vacate the property at the end of our lease.

We took a 6 month lease on the house by the owners’ request “to make sure you are good tenants; if you are we can take a look at signing a 1 year lease after that.” Our 6 month lease was up on January 31st.

As renters I know we have rights and we could have stayed and blah, blah, blah. But we’re in the mountains in winter, we have 2 young girls (2 1/2 and 10 months) and no matter what we would have to move out by January 31st.

The owner agreed to let us out of our lease a month early, we found a new place 3 days later and we moved the following weekend. Our goal was to be moved in and settled before Christmas.

Our new place has it’s pros and cons… It’s a much older home, but it’s location is outstanding and rent is less expensive than our last place. Our last place was a 3 bed, 2 bath, had a 2 car attached garage and a “Blair Witch Project” unfinished basement, it had a 5 foot fenced yard, but there were tons of coyotes in the neighborhood… Our new place is a 4 bedroom with a finished out attic space, 1 car detached garage, storage shed and a VERY kid friendly yard, we’re 1 block and a half from the park and lake too.

So now I’m back to blogging… But my blog post are going to be different.

I’m going to be chronicling my journey into the big time Internet Marketing community.

I was recently partnered with Eben Pagen to be one of his affiliates.

Eben Pagen is one of the most successful Internet Marketers/ Information Product Developers in the world.

Eben’s products are rock solid and they are sold at a premium.

He’s getting ready to launch a new product (Self-Made Wealth) and the pre-launch is in January. I guess what I’m doing right now is the pre-pre-launch.

My wife’s blog (Happy Mothering) has taken off beyond belief. Neither one of us had a clue that “Mommy Blogging” was so huge.

We are going to promote Eban’s new program Self-Made WEALTH through her blog.

We’ve been doing a series called “The Business of Blogging” through Happy Mothering and Eban’s new program will go right in with the flow of that.

Follow Our Journey

I’m going to go into depth and detail of how we promote Eban Pagen’s Self-Made WEALTH program.

I’m going to show you the landing pages, videos and every other aspect of how we promote this program.

I’m going to reveal how we drive traffic to our landing pages.

I’m excited because this is going to be a learning experience for us…

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