How to Market a Big Money Affiliate

by Brian on January 7, 2011

If you’ve been following me at all, you’ll know that I’ve neglected my blog some… BUT… If you read my last post, you’ll completely understand this post and you’ll probably want to follow me from here forward.

So I’m a couple days behind on doing the launch for Eben Pagen’s new Self Made Wealth program on my wife Chrystal’s Happy Mothering Blog… I don’t understand the reasoning behind a mid-week launch. Maybe it converts better??? For us who have mid-week jobs, it’s a pain in the ass… I digress.

Anyway let me tell you what we’ve been doing and what we’ve done.

The Video…

The whole point of this video is for people to opt in to our list. The MOST IMPORTANT thing anyone can ever do is build their list.

Even if people don’t end up buying anything right off the bat… they very well may down the road.

Here’s exactly what I’ve done to help Chrystal’s Happy Mothering Blog to promote Eben Pagen’s Self Made Wealth Program

  • After the video was shot I edited the video with iMovie (there’s like 5 different takes edited together for the final cut).
  • I turned the movie into an m4v file and then uploaded it to Chrystal’s Happy Mothering YouTube account. (I added a link to the opt-in video page as well as directly do Self Made Wealth. This helps with SEO because a major site “YouTube” has a link to both the Happy Mothering and Self Made Wealth while at the same time Online Business Blogger is linking to both… not to mention Happy Mothering is linking to Self Made Wealth… So it’s like a circle of link love.)
  • We use the Thesis WordPress Theme on all of our sites, so I uploaded the movie to Happy Mothering’s media area of WordPress and created a page, not a post. We’ll be launching a blog post on Sunday.
  • The opt-in video page I made sure to include NO sidebars… I left the links in the header, because if a person isn’t going to opt-in, I want them to at least stay on our site.
  • I created a basic form from Aweber to insert below the movie.
  • Once people opt-in I have them directed to our affiliate page for Self Made Wealth.
  • In Aweber I used the double opt-in feature so they’ll also receive an email to confirm they want to be on our list. And it serves the purpose to put our affiliate link in an email so they have it on file.

This is Chrystal’s 1st appearance on video… She’s a little nervous, but she did a great job. And there’s a surprise appearance by my oldest daughter Zoë at the end of the video… And the opt-in form is below it.


And by all means, opt-in and review the material that Eben Pagen has put together… It’s an amazing wealth of FREE knowledge.

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