How to Market a Big Money Affilate 2

by Brian on January 13, 2011

So today is when the 2nd PDF and video for Eben Pagen’s Self Made Wealth program launches…

Here’s a link to it if you would like to check it out:

We’ll be making another video tomorrow as well as sending out more emails and tweets to her lists.

We’ll also be doing another blog post over the weekend…

If you don’t follow Happy Mothering (which you probably don’t) you didn’t see the blog post from last Sunday…

Check it out here then come back…

Eben Pagen has made his affiliate program the EASIEST of any affiliate programs we’ve ever promoted.

His swipe file is awesome. That post you just checked out was primarily swipe copy with Chrystal putting her personal touch on it.

The secret (my secret anyway) to make any copy that is supposed to be an email copy into blog copy is…. drum roll please… put a personal touch on it…

Here is what the original copy looked like:

“Here’s an all-new PDF report that shares “dirty secrets”
about money that no one is talking about:

There’s also a 22-minute in-depth video AND a
downloadable exercise that you get for free when you
opt-in as well.

With all the chaos and financial instability that’s been
happening, we all need to pay attention to what’s
revealed in this report if we want to ever get ahead.

If you’re interested in learning more about how money
works, and techniques you can use to get more of it,
then read this report now.

Here’s the link again – just opt-in to get the report, the
22-minute video and the downloadable exercise:

Get it now,”

Don’t get me wrong… This is great for an email… But for a blog post it’s very dry. That’s why personalization was a must.

So… If you haven’t checked out… Do it now… Then check out

It’s seriously good information about money…

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